Walkers Mobile Notary offers services in Yonkers NY. We have experience with all types of affidavits, powers of attorney, deeds, car titles and more. Our team is available for your convenience 24 hours a day 7 days week.

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Emergency Yonkers Notary Available 24/7

Our agents work with customers to provide convenience. Yonkers notary publics are able to meet at your location for you convenience, even if it is outside of working hours.

That means no more having to take off work early or drive all over town just so you can have a document notarized!

  • Late Night – We are available around the clock so after work at night or early in the morning works for us.
  • Rush – You can’t always get to a notary in time. In the event that you need a document notarized quickly then give us a call.
  • Weekend – We are available on Saturday & Sunday.

*Additional fees may apply for emergency services.

Downsides of using a bank notary:

Bank like Chase or Bank of America are often crowded and the licensed notary who works there is juggling several jobs and notarizing paperwork might be the last thing on their mind.

Long lines can be a complete waste of time and you can often expect to wait 10-30 minutes at a big bank.

Even after all that waiting, you might not get a knowledgeable notary at the bank.

No convenience – You do all the work

Notary Services Offered in Yonkers

Walkers Mobile Notary Company can notarize a variety of paperwork such as the following:

PoA: legal documents like Power of Attorney needs to be notarized properly or you risk it not being enforceable.

Loan package: If you are purchasing a car or real estate then you may face a mountain of paperwork. We have certified loan signing agents ready to guide you through refinances, helocs and more.

Wills and Estate planning: If you wish to be sure that your family benefits after you pass away then you should implement a will. Though we do not notarize the will itself, several documents may accompany it and need notarization.

Divorce: This process is hard enough so we try to make our role as smooth as possible so you can get it over with.

Adoption: This is a very happy time, but paperwork can slow things down. Many adoption forms require notarization but we can make it a breeze.

Affordable Yonkers Notary Near You

If you are looking for an affordable notary public in Yonkers, New York you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer great prices on home or office notarizations but our staff has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in New York.

Our prices are straight forward and better than competing NYC notary signing services. Just call us to find out.

We can notarize your documents anywhere in Yonkers

Your time is valuable so we go out of our way to meet you where it is convenient for you!

As Yonkers notary publics we can accommodate same day service. In fact, we have local notaries in your Yonkers neighborhood that can sometimes meet you within an hour from when you call us!

Yonkers has a vast array of towns with their own flare. We find ourselves traveling to Runyon Heights, Crestwood, Beech Hill, Park Hill and Mclean Ave in Woodlawn.

You can catch us at the busiest places in Yonkers like Getty Square, South Broadway, Central Ave, Ridge Hill and of course Cross County Mall.

We have fully vaccinated notaries on call for healthcare facilities like Adira at Riverside Rehabilitation, Sunrise Senior Living and St Johns Hospital Riverside Hospital.

Walkers Mobile Notary Yonkers

If you need a notary service in Yonkers, NY or the surrounding areas, we can help.

We provide fast and discreet service at your convenience to any location within the city of Yonkers.

We can help if you:

  • need an urgent notarization during business hours
  • want us to come to your home office with just one day notice
  • have other needs that require our special attention

We are here for you! Contact Walkers Mobile Notary today at (914) 380-8633

Why Walkers Notary loves Yonkers

We get calls every day for Yonkers mobile notary services and our certified notaries enjoy traveling there.

What makes Yonkers, New York a great place? Do you like big cities? Luxurious housing options? Somewhat low crime rates and good schools? Yonkers offers it all!

Yonkers was founded in 1646 by the Dutch but it did not become one of New York City’s suburbs until 1912, when boundaries were redrawn to include the entire Bronx County. The village had previously been part of Westchester Township.